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Empowering women to talk about what’s going on “down there!”


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Are you ready to talk about what’s going on “down there” and show the world? Mind Your Cervix is here to do just that! Mind Your Cervix was created to normalize discussions about women’s sexual health!

Here at Mind Your Cervix, we are family! It is our hope that we empower women to be more informed about their sexual health and women’s health in general!

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Our Founder

Hey friends! I’m Kimyra and welcome to Mind Your Cervix!

As an OB/Gyn resident physician, women’s sexual and reproductive health is of great importance to me! My public health experiences have shown me that women are increasingly getting infected with preventable sexually transmitted diseases and are not always educated about their reproductive health. THIS is why I created Mind Your Cervix! I have a growing passion for women’s health equity, and I wanted to create a platform for women to feel comfortable learning about their sexual and reproductive health. My hope is that you wear your MYC merch proudly and learn something new every time you visit OUR site! Welcome to the MYC family!


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